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See you March 14-20 during Austin's SXSW at:
The Dizzy Rooster (upstairs stage)
Wednesday, Mar 16, 5PM


Meanies Chat!

Sarah (Swati), Luke (Indigo) and Keems (Rebel) had a crazy 2015, and 2016 is going to be BALLIN.  We hustled, we toured, we wrote an entirely new album, and just now are finishing up and about to leave sunny LosAngeles and head back to our home base in Denver.  We can't wait to release our first single - MARCH / APRIL 2016 - stay tuned Meanies, we're about to blow you away with the magic we made.  

See you #meanies in Austin, TX in just a few weeks, during SXSW, as we ADventure to our 4th consecutive year rocking out on 6th Street.  
BIG thanks to RedGorilla for inviting us AGAIN to play!  

A special shout out to everyone who helped us be who we are and kill it how we do; during 2015 and through our final days recording; Drai Lloyd Films, all the BOOMTOWN Music Crew, Serenity West Recording Studios, our incredibly supportive families & amazing friends AND The Love Hope Strength Foundation.  
Thank you so so much for all your hard work and the killer times we keep having.  We couldn't share our music and experiences half as good without you.  
Cheers to everything 2016!  

Austin, TX (during SXSW) 2015

Sarah & the Meanies Promo Video (2014)